Post Cruise / Debark Tours from Civitavecchia

Private Post Cruise Tours from Civitavecchia to Rome & Countryside, drop-off at Rome hotel

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Post-Cruise Postcard Rome Tour from Civitavecchia

Post-Cruise Postcard Rome from Civitavecchia: explore Rome's famous squares, monuments, churches

Price from:€ 600

Post-Cruise La Dolce Vita Rome Tour from Civitavecchia

Embrace La Dolce Vita and discover top landmarks & squares in Rome Post-Cruise from Civitavecchia

Price from:€ 600

Post-Cruise Rome and Countryside Tour from Civitavecchia

Embrace the best of both worlds: the splendor of Rome and the enchantment of the countryside

Price from:€ 600

Post-Cruise Medieval Wonders Countryside Tour from Civitavecchia

Post-Cruise Countryside Tour from Civitavecchia to visit Tuscania, Ceri, and Bracciano Castle

Price from:€ 600


Post-Cruise Castles and Lakes

Exclusive Post-Cruise Castles & Lakes Countryside Tour from Civitavecchia ending at your Rome Hotel

Price from:€ 600

Post-Cruise Tour to Tivoli Villas from Civitavecchia

Post-Cruise Tour to Tivoli Villas from Civitavecchia with drop off at your Rome hotel

Price from:€ 600

Tuscany Post Cruise Tour to Montepulciano and Pienza

Post Cruise Tour from Civitavecchia to Tuscany to visit Montepulciano and Pienza

Price from:€ 650

Post-Cruise Orvieto Wine Tasting Tour from Civitavecchia

Post Cruise Tour from Civitavecchia to winery in Umbria and Orvieto

Price from:€ 650

Post-Cruise Tuscany Tour: Pitigliano and Sovana from Civitavecchia

Post Cruise Tour from Civitavecchia to Tuscany to explore Pitigliano & Sovana in the Maremma region

Price from:€ 680

POST-CRUISE Book a Driver in Rome from Civitavecchia

Book a Driver for a Rome Post-Cruise from Civitavecchia, visit sites you wish at your own pace

Price from:€ 630

Post Cruise / Debark Tours from Civitavecchia

Post Cruise Tours from Civitavecchia Cruise Port to Rome and Italian Countryside


Stefano Rome Tours offers private Post Cruise Tours from Civitavecchia to Rome and the Roman Countryside for an exciting fun filled way to enjoy your disembarkation day.

  • What is a Post Cruise / Debark Tour from Civitavecchia?

Did you know you can enhance your Civitavecchia Transfer to Rome with a fun-filled day tour on your disembarkation day? 

Many Mediterranean cruises end at the Port of Civitavecchia, and if you will be staying in Rome post-cruise you have the wonderful opportunity to maximize your sightseeing in Italy with a Debark / Post-Cruise Tour from Civitavecchia to Rome or the Italian Countryside, with a convenient drop off at your Rome hotel.

Your English-speaking private driver will meet you right on the pier next to your cruise ship, and take you on your preferred post-cruise tour of Rome or the Italian Countryside. Your luggage will travel safely with you inside your vehicle’s luggage compartment. Your debark tour will conclude in the afternoon with your arrival at your Rome hotel or accommodation.




  • Why choose Stefano Rome Tours for your Post Cruise / Debark Tours from Civitavecchia?

We have more than 15 years of experience providing private limo tours to/from Civitavecchia, as well as shore excursions from Italy's top cruise ports. Our clients have come to depend on our professionalism and expertise for their tour enjoyment in Italy.

Our deluxe vehicles are modern, stylish, comfortable, always properly maintained to the highest standards, and fully insured. We never cut any corners that could compromise the safety and reliability of our services. Our vehicles have the proper professional license to access both the city's historic center and Civitavecchia cruise port. 

Our knowledgeable English-speaking tour drivers are professionally licensed and trained limo drivers to offer our guests the best possible experience on our limo tours in Italy.  Our expert drivers also have the required security clearance to access the port of Civitavecchia for convenient pier-side pick-up next to your cruise ship.

Our post-cruise tours from Rome's cruise port are carefully and expertly crafted to offer you the best day tour experience starting from Civitavecchia and ending at your hotel in Rome.



Best Selling Post Cruise Tours from Civitavecchia


If you are new to Rome, we offer popular Rome tours such as our Post-Cruise La Dolce Vita Rome Tour  and Post-Cruise Postcard Rome Tour that end in Rome.  If you don't find a Rome post-cruise tour that suits your interest, book a driver in Rome for the day Post-Cruise and explore Rome as you wish without a preset itinerary and touring at your own pace.

If you prefer a more relaxing experience, you may choose our fun-filled countryside tour from Civitavecchia that takes you to charming Medieval villages and Renaissance Castle on our Post Cruise Castles and Lakes Tour, and Post Cruise Medieval Wonders Countryside tour.  Explore the wondrous Hadrian's Villa and Villa d'Este in Tivoli on our Post-Cruise Tour to Tivoli Villas from Civitavecchia.

The beauty of a Post Cruise Tour from Civitavecchia is that you can turn any of our "Civitavecchia Shore Excursion" into a Post Cruise Tour.  Contact us via email for assistance.

Wine lovers will revel in our Post Cruise Orvieto Wine Tasting Tour from Civitavecchia to an esteemed wine estate in the Umbrian hills and a visit to Orvieto. Note that we also offer Orvieto Wine Tasting from Rome for cruisers who are spending time in Rome post-cruise and would prefer a day trip from Rome instead of a tour from Civitavecchia on debarkation day. If you are docking in Civitavecchia for the day, you may book our Orvieto Wine Tasting Excursion.

Tour Tuscany from Civitavecchia on our Tuscany Post-Cruise Tour to Montepulciano and Pienza, and Post-Cruise Tour to Pitigliano and Sovana.


Although ALL our Italy limo tours are private, cruisers have the unique opportunity to create their own Privately Shared Post Cruise Tours from Civitavecchia. Share the fun and the expenses with other like-minded fellow cruise members who will also be staying in Rome at a centrally located hotel as you.  Find out more about  TOUR SHARING  from Civitavecchia.

Thank you for choosing Stefano Rome Tours, we look forward to showing you Italy!