Tour Sharing from Italy Cruise Ports


TOUR SHARING - Share your Shore Excursion Fun and Expense


Make new friends and save money on your Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia, Livorno, La Spezia and Naples cruise ports by simply creating your own Private Tour Groups.

Creating your Shared Tour Group is quick and easy:

  1. Place an ad on CRUISE CRITIC ROLL CALL and invite other like minded cruisers from your ship to join your preferred Italy shore excursions.

  2. Include a LINK to the Italy Shore Excursions you wish to share so others will have the opportunity to review the tours as well.

  3. Once you've created your group let us know and we will be delighted to assist you in placing your shared tour reservation.

Please see some of  our most popular shore excursion suggestions blow that are excellent for Tour Sharing.  Thousands of our happy clients have created their own private tour groups for a fun filled shared experience with new friends.

Find out below the TOP REASONS thousands of our clients create their own Private Tour Groups.


TOP REASONS to create your private tour sharing group on Cruise Critic Roll Call

There are thousands of Cruisers who use Cruise Critic to plan their trips, making the Cruise Critic Roll Call a reliable and ideal place to find like minded cruisers from your ship interested to share your tour.

You can choose the tour you personally wish to share with others with personal flexibility.
When joining pre-organized group tours, customized options are usually limited and flexibility not possible. When you select the tour of your choice, you are free to make adjustments and invite others interested in joining your preferred tour and itinerary

You are in complete charge of who joins your private shared tour.
Unlike pre-organized group tour options offered by many companies that places you in a van filled  with complete strangers who may or may not share your interests, by creating your own private shared tour, you make the final decision on who joins your tour for your optimal enjoyment with like minded tour mates.

You have the possibility to select tour mates from your own ship to maximize efficiency and save time by avoiding the necessary shuttle from ship to ship to pick up and drop off other parties in the group tour.

By creating your own private shared tour, you have the opportunity to get to know your tour mates in advance and make new friends. This wonderful opportunity may not possible on generic group tours where strangers are grouped together.

You decide on the size of your group.
Generic group tour options aim at at full capacity of 8 passengers to maximize profits.  While this is the most cost effective option for shared tours, it may not be the most comfortable option for many cruisers who prefer more space inside the vehicle. If comfort and space is very important to you, you can create a smaller group of up to 6 participants for a more enjoyable tour experience.

Because tour sharing reduces individual rates significantly, each individual member in the group is responsible for their own share and pay directly to the driver in Euro currency.


As a group, you can also share the costs for beneficial extras such as private licensed tour guides for the Vatican and Pompeii.

An knowledgeable licensed guided tour enhances your visit to the Vatican by guaranteeing you will not get lost in the maze of halls and galleries, you won’t miss the most important masterpieces, and very importantly will grant you shortcut access to St Peter’s Basilica through the designated Tour Guide Access entrance from within the Vatican Museums.

In Pompeii, a local licensed tour guide will bring these amazing ruins to life as you learn about the ancient Roman history, its culture, and architecture of this this once dynamic ancient Roman city.
At both sites, your tour guides will also keep you in time so you maximize your visits within the limited time of your shore excursion schedule.


  • Vehicles can accommodate up to 8 persons.

  • For greatest savings, you can create a group of 8 persons.

  • For more comfort and personal space inside the vehicle, we recommend up to 6 passengers.

  • Be sure to include the link to the tour(s) you wish to share so those interested to join your tour can review the important tour information.

  • You can book your Italy Shore Excursions in advance for the existing party,  and add others to your tour as they join you.
    To avoid disappointments, we do not recommend last minute additions less than 1 week before the tour date in order ensure larger vehicles are still available on the Date of your Tour. You can inquire prior to accepting new members if large vehicles are still available on your tour date.

  • You can also secure the size vehicle of your choice by booking in advance the maximum number of persons you intend to have in your group in advance, and just add the new members as they join your tour.

  • To assure that everyone joining your tour has enough time to book their Admission Tickets (admission tickets booked online to skip the ticket lines are subject to availability and must be booked as quickly as possible), last minute availability for some admission tickets may not be possible.

  • Please provide us with the LEAD NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS of the other parties in your group who don't share the same E-Mail in the reservation so we can reach everyone in the tour with important information.

  • Please keep us posted with any changes in your group size in advance so we can best assist and accommodate your needs.





Tour Leader (person placing the reservation) is responsible for ALL others in the group in case of cancellations or no shows.

Cancellation for any members of the shared group is 7 Days Prior to Tour Date.

Same Day Cancellations or No Shows are NOT accepted and payment is required for the cancelled/no show party. 

In case of same day no show or cancellation, the remaining group will be responsible in sharing the cost of the TOTAL number of persons in the original reservation. The total price will NOT be reduced for same day cancellations or no shows. It is up to the Tour Leader to collect shared costs from the party who cancelled or did not show up for the tour.

For cancellations made in advance, the tour price will be modified to reflect the new number of passengers. This will change the price "per person". The price per person changes each time the total number of persons in the reservation changes.



Multiple Tour Discounts are offered when booking 3 Full Day Shore Excursions from Italy Ports.

You can further lower your individual per person rate when booking 3 ports together.  Please inquire within for additional information on Multiple Tour Discounts for your private group size and your tour of choice.




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