Medieval Wonders Countryside Tour

Private Rome Countryside Tour to Tuscania, Ceri and Bracciano Castle

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starting time:8:00 AM from Rome Hotel 9:00 AM from Civitavecchia


  • Discover wondrous Medieval towns and villages in the Roman countryside
  • Explore Tuscania, a perfect snapshot of the middle ages with towers and city walls
  • Admire Tuscania’s evocative views that inspired poets
  • Delight in a visit to Ceri, a charming medieval clifftop hamlet where time stood still
  • Visit the Medieval lakeside town of Bracciano and its enchanting Castle
  • Convenient Pick-Up / Drop Off at your Rome Hotel or Cruise Ship in Civitavecchia
  • Tour comfortably in your private deluxe vehicle and personal English-speaking Driver
  • All our tours are private just for you and your travel companions for ultimate tour enjoyment, comfort, and privacy.


  • Tuscania
  • Medieval hamlet of Ceri
  • The historic town of Bracciano
  • Odescalchi Castle / Bracciano Castle


  • Private Deluxe Vehicle
  • Personal English-speaking Driver
  • All applicable Taxes
  • Highway tolls, parking fees, road expenses

not included

  • Admission Tickets
  • Licensed Tour Guide / Walking Tours
  • Lunch
  • Gratuities


Before ushering in the era of rebirth (Renaissance), the Medieval Italian peninsula was divided into numerous kingdoms with fortified walled cities perched on hilltops with enduring stone buildings and castles that are characteristic of many medieval Italian towns and villages today. 

Rome’s countryside is a beguiling land with gentle landscapes studded with charming medieval villages that are the closest thing to traveling back in time to the captivating Middle Ages that have inspired fairytales and legends.

On this Medieval Wonders Countryside Tour, you will have the opportunity to visit Tuscania - a remarkable medieval walled town with mesmerizing views, enjoy lunch in Ceri - a tiny medieval fortified clifftop village and visit the imposing Castello Odescalchi in the historic lakeside town of Bracciano.

  • This Rome countryside tour is possible as a day tour from Rome with pick up at your hotel accommodation or as a shore excursion from Civitavecchia with pick up on the pier next to your cruise ship.

  • POST-CRUISE from Civitavecchia: If your cruise concludes at Civitavecchia and you are heading to Rome on your Disembarkation Day, please book our POST-CRUISE MEDIEVAL WONDERS from Civitavecchia with Pick-Up at Civitavecchia and  Drop-Off at your Rome Hotel.




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For up to 6 Persons from Rome Hotel:  570 EUROS
For up to 8 Persons from Rome Hotel:  600 EUROS


For up to 4 Persons from Civitavecchia Port:  580 EUROS
For up to 6 Persons from Civitavecchia Port:  630 EUROS
For up to 8 Persons from Civitavecchia Port:  680 EUROS

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Medieval Wonders Roman Countryside Tour from Rome Shor Excursion from Civitavecchia



Visit Tuscania - one of Italy’s most remarkable medieval towns


Your Medieval Wonders Countryside tour begins with a relaxing drive through the bucolic Roman countryside to Tuscania.

Tuscania is one of the oldest towns in Italy with a history dating back 3,000 years when it was an Etruscan establishment and one of the most important crossroads of inner Etruria. Later Tuscania became an Ancient Roman settlement.


Day Tours from Rome to Tuscania Medieval Wonders Countryside Tour from Rome Civitavecchia private excursions


Although vestiges of its Etruscan and Roman past are still evident, what we see now is a medieval town surrounded by fortified with protective walls strategically situated on a hill.

Medieval towers and fortified city walls, ruins of Rivellino castle, imposing Romanesque churches, and medieval stone buildings that make up the historic center lend Tuscania its authentic medieval splendor.

Stroll along atmospheric streets to the Belvedere where you will discover the breathtaking views that inspire not only poets but each and every one of us. Upon visiting Tuscania in the early 1900s, English novelist and poet, D.H. Lawrence wrote: The Most beautiful view in all Italy: the Etruscan valley of Tuscania”.


Medieval Wonders Rome Countryside Tour from Civitavecchia shore excursions


Just outside the city walls are Tuscania’s two historically and architecturally significant churches: San Pietro and Santa Maria Maggiore that stand in majestic solitude.

It may appear strange that these important churches are situated so far outside the town’s fortified walls, but that is where the initial settlement was established. When the city walls were rebuilt to protect the town, the walls did not expand to also include the churches.  

The imposing church of Saint Peter was built on top of the ancient acropolis which is now Colle San Pietro (St Peter’s Hill), and Santa Maria Maggiore was built in the valley below, facing the church of Saint Peter.

Tuscania Roman Countryside Tours from Rome Civitavecchia Shore Excursions


These imposing churches are considered among the region's most beautiful and significant must-visit churches.  Both churches were built upon ancient Etruscan temples, with St Maria Maggiore built upon the temple of Janus, the 2-faced god of the gateway into the afterworld.

The churches are unique not only in their Gothic architecture, Pagan influences, and Paleo-Christian origins. Still, they are both remarkably preserved considering that San Pietro was built in the 8th century and Santa Maria Maggiore between the 11th and 12 centuries.

  •  If you are touring on a Monday, the churches will be CLOSED for visits on MONDAYS, but they can be admired from the outside.

Ceri -  charming Medieval hilltop hamlet

Your  Medieval Wonders Countryside Tour continues with a scenic drive through the rustic landscapes to Ceri where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious traditional Italian lunch at a local family-owned restaurant and explore the village.

Ceri is a 13th-century borgo built around its castle with reinforced walls that gives it the appearance of a medieval fortress isolated on top of a steep plateau.


Ceri Roman Countryside Tour from Rome Civitavecchia cruise tours

Ceri’s medieval past dominating the present is revealed as soon as you arrive at the bottom of the cliff.

The ancient rock-carved street that accesses the town is wide enough for only one vehicle to pass through at a time. This unusual traffic dilemma was resolved with the installation of two traffic lights: one at the bottom of the hill, and one where the street ends in the main square above so vehicles take turn driving into and out of the village.

The village square is surrounded by ochre and sienna-colored medieval buildings aged by the passage of time. Prominently located in the square is the beautiful Sanctuary of the Madonna di Ceri, a simple Romanesque church that was built above an ancient temple where ancient Etruscans and Romans venerated the pagan goddess Vesta. Vibrant ancient frescoes with biblical scenes and figures adorn the walls of the church.

After a delicious traditional Italian lunch, you will join your driver for another relaxing drive to Bracciano, the medieval lakeside town dominated by the imposing Orsini - Odescalchi Castle (commonly referred to as the Bracciano Castle).


Visit Bracciano and its magnificent Castle

Originally built as a medieval fortified military defense tower, Bracciano Castle metamorphosed into a residential castle in the late 1400s by the prominent Orsini family.  By the 16th century, the castle saw many renovations that gave it the opulent appearance to be admired today, and in 1696 the castle was sold to the powerful Odescachi family who is still the rightful owners of the castle today.


Day Tours to Bracciano Castle Rome Countryside Tours from Civitavecchia private excursions


Although privately owned, Bracciano Castle serves as a museum where visitors will be dazzled by the sumptuous private apartments that, once upon a time, were the private quarters of kings, popes, lords, and ladies.

The splendid rooms are decorated with original Renaissance-era furniture, priceless paintings by masters of that era, exquisite wall frescoes, ornate ceilings, a castle kitchen large enough to prepare meals for the entire castle, and fine collections of Renaissance armor and weaponry. With a bit of imagination, you will feel transported back in the time of fairytale castles and knightly legends.

A walk on top of the crenelated castle walls along the ramparts where the garrison patrolled in defense of the castle will reward you with a spellbinding view of the shimmering Bracciano Lake and the surrounding countryside.  An actual volcanic crater, Lake Bracciano is one of the most pristine lakes in Italy. 


Tour from Rome to Bracciano Castle Countryside Tours from Civitavecchia private excursions


From here, you will join your driver on a relaxing drive back to your hotel in Rome or to your ship in Civitavecchia, committing to memory the wondrous medieval places you explored in the idyll Roman countryside.

Thank you for booking our Medieval Wonders Countryside Tour from Rome and from Civitavecchia, and for choosing Stefano Rome Tours for your private tours from Rome and Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia. We look forward to showing you our beautiful Italy!


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