Chiusi and Chianciano Terme Tour

Private Tuscany Tour from Rome

duration:Full Day

Payment method:Cash, Paypal, Credit card

starting time:8:00 AM


  • Day tour from Rome to Tuscany for the ultimate relaxing experience
  • Visit the charming Medieval village of Chiusi
  • Indulge your senses and pamper yourself at a Thermal Spa in Chianciano
  • Chianciano is world famous for its thermal spas and resorts
  • Convenient pick up from your Rome hotel in your private deluxe vehicle for optimal comfort for your journey
  • Personal English speaking Driver at your service
  • * The Spa is CLOSED on Thursdays. Avance reservations are required pending availability


  • Chiusi
  • Chianciano Thermal Baths


  • Private Deluxe Vehicle
  • English speaking Driver
  • Italy VAT and applicable taxes
  • Highway Tolls, Road Expenses
  • Parking Fees

not included

  • Spa Fees
  • Lunch
  • Admission Tickets if you wish to visit Museums
  • Tour Guide / Walking Tours


Have you ever dreamed of a glorious day spent admiring the majestic vista of the Tuscany countryside from a medieval hilltop town, relaxing to a sumptuous traditional Italian lunch at a quaint trattoria, and then indulging all your senses at a spa resort?

All this and more is possible on a visit to Tuscany’s ancient town of Chiusi followed by the nearby Chianciano Terme, considered among the top health resorts in Europe.


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For up to 4 Persons from Rome Hotel: 600 EUROS
For up to 6 Persons from Rome Hotel: 650 EUROS
For up to 8 Persons from Rome Hotel: 750 EUROS 

DATES on the Booking Form Calendar that are NOT Selectable, are NOT AVAILABLE.




The tour begins with a relaxing and comfortable drive out of Rome and into the scenic rural region of Southern Tuscany as we make our way to Chiusi.

We will pass by medieval hilltop villages, farmlands with faded ochre stone villas, vineyards, and pastoral hills crowned with distinctive cypress trees...the perfect Tuscan scenery to capture on your camera, so make sure you have yours handy!

Chiusi ranks among the most ancient Italian towns with roots in antiquity as a very powerful city state of the Etruscan Federation, reaching the height of its greatness in the 7th and 6th centuries BC. 

Today, its unwavering splendor lies in serenity of its landscape, the poetic beauty of its terraced countryside of Val di Chiana (Valley of Chiana), and the unassuming lure of its ancient past.

Our stroll through Chiusi will lead us to its main square and the town’s 6th century Duomo of San Secondiano, built over an existing basilica and above ancient Etruscan and Roman remains, such as a 1st century BC Roman pool beneath the tower, and a warren of underground Etruscan passages from 6th to 5th centuries BC.

The interior of the duomo is quite unique in its ornamentation. To save money on precious materials, early artists have mastered the techniques of faux art, therefore, the casual eye can easily be fooled when viewing the intricate marble panels and mosaic apse.

The Etruscan Museum of Chiusi merits a visit for its priceless collection of some of the most important Etruscan artifacts in Italy.



A visit to Chiusi is not complete without a relaxed lunch at a local trattoria for a true Tuscan culinary experience.  A light lunch is recommended before going to the thermal spa.

From here we drive to the nearby city of health and wellness, Chianciano Terme.

Known since the ancient times of the Etruscans for the healing properties of its thermal waters, Chianciano Terme now represents a number of excellent spa resorts in line with increasing demands for personal wellness.



Terme Sensoriali offers the ultimate in relaxation and well-being. You will spend 3 hours indulging in traditional thermal treatments including baths, mud and mineral water treatments achieved through the principle of the Oriental philosophy of the five elements of the universe: ether, air, fire, water and earth.



Whether you want to relax, energize, purify or re-balance, you will find an itinerary created by expert naturopaths that is most suitable for you.

From here we will make our way through the Tuscan countryside again as you sit back, relax, and enjoy the comfortable ride back to the Eternal City of Rome where your professional driver will drop you off at the hotel.

Thank you for choosing Stefano Rome Tours for your tours and shore excursions in Rome and beyond. We look forward to meeting you in Italy!

** Terme Sensoriali is CLOSED on Thursdays.  Advance reservations are required pending availability. Generally, availability is very limited.


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* Please note that fees for Terme Sensoriali are NOT included in the tour.  The fee for Terme Sensoriali is approximately 38 - 45 Euros per person, for a 3 hour duration in the spa. (Prices can change and vary without notice).

Access into the spa requires that you bring a bathing suit, which can also be purchased at the inside shop. Guests will be given an elegant bath kit: bath robe, towel, slippers, bathing cap, and thermal hygiene products. For more information on Terme Sensoriali, Price List, and services they offer, you may   visit their website.



If you wish to visit the Etruscan Museum in Chiusi, ticket prices are currently 6 Euros per person (Free Entrance 1st Sunday of Each Month)



This tour provides an English-speaking Driver who is NOT a Licensed Tour Guide.

Italy has strict laws and regulations aimed to protect official licensed guides that make it unlawful for Drivers to act as tour guides or accompany guests to sightsee on foot away from the vehicle. In order for us to comply with Italy’s laws, Drivers are required to remain with the vehicle while guests sightsee on their own away from the vehicle.

On this Tuscany Tour by car you will SELF TOUR (unaccompanied by your driver) when away from the vehicle.

You will be dropped off as close to the sites as possible in accordance to municipality and traffic laws.