Roman Houses / Case Romane del Celio

. Buon giorno and welcome to Stefano Rome Tours Travel Blog! Case Romane del Celio (Roman Houses on Celio Hill) is one the places featured on our Postcard Rome Tour for Cruisers.  Most of you have never heard of it. . We’d like to introduce you to a magnificent place that will take you on […]

Fun and Useful Blog Posts by RomeCabs

Buon giorno and welcome to Stefano Rome Tours, Rome’s leading company for private Day Tours and Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia, Livorno and Naples. This travel blog is dedicated to all the great things that make Italy one of the world’s greatest travel destinations. . . In this article we’d like to introduce you to some […]

Santa Maria Antiqua – Byzantine church in the Roman Forum

Santa Maria Antiqua – Byzantine church in the Roman Forum . There is something new and wondrous waiting for you when visiting the Roman Forum until September 11, 206. . . For a limited time Santa Maria Antiqua, one of the earliest surviving ancient Byzantine churches that is considered the “Sistine Chapel of the Medieval […]

Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano – Tour Tips

The majestic Castello Orsini – Odescalchi in Bracciano is a popular Stefano Rome Tours “Castles and Lakes” Tours and Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia, as well as “Pre-Cruise Countryside Tour”.     .  Overlooking the pristine volcanic Bracciano Lake, the 15th century Castello Orsini-Odescalchi (also commonly known as Bracciano Castle) is one of the largest and […]

Is The Holy Grail in Rome? Unsolved Mysteries

There is nothing sought after more than the Holy Grail (the name itself has become synonymous with something sacred and elusive). . Through Arthurian legends, Knights Templar and Medieval folklore, this Holy Chalice inspired conspiracy theories and modern interpretations evident in films, novels and psychology. . . . .  But does the Holy Grail really […]

Travel + Leisure Vacanze Romane / Roman Holiday Article

Travel + Leisure   World’s Greatest Dream Trips: Vacanze Romane Tour             Buon giorno! We at Stefano Rome Tours are pleased and honored that we were mentioned and our tour “VACANZE ROMANE” was recommended by Travel + Leisure Magazine in its October 2013 issue in their “Word’s Greatest Dream Trips” […]

Tivoli – Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este Tour with Stefano Rome Tours

 Whether a Shore Excursion from the port of Civitavecchia, or a Day Trip from Rome, you will enjoy an unforgettable day through the countryside of Lazio to Tivoli and visit the stunning Villa D’Este and Hadrian’s Villa in the comfort of your own private deluxe vehicle driven by a Stefano Rome Tours knowledgeable English speaking Driver eager to help you create memories you’ll cherish for life.      .    This […]