Transfer from Rome to Amalfi Coast, Sorrento with Pompeii Tour

Private Sightseeing Transfer between Rome and Amalfi Coast or Sorrento

Payment method:Cash, Paypal, Credit card

starting time:9:00 AM


  • Turn your long distance transfer between Rome and Amalfi Coast or Sorrento into an exciting tour experience
  • Enjoy a 2 Hour exploration of Pompeii, one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world
  • You may either Self Tour Pompeii, or reserve a licensed tour guide for an informative private walking tour. ** See below for more info
  • Journey through Italy in the comfort of your private deluxe vehicle driven by your personal English speaking Driver
  • Pick you up and drop you off at your Hotel accommodation for optimal convenience
  • Your luggage will travel safely with you inside your vehicle's luggage compartment
  • Traveling between Rome and Amalfi Coast / Sorrento has never been as easy, comfortable and exciting!
  • Ideal for families with children, travelers with a lot of luggage, or travelers who wish to explore more of Italy in less time
  • Recommended pick up time is 9:00 AM
  • ** Include your complete DROP OFF ADDRESS in the Message Box of the booking form


  • Private Deluxe Vehicle
  • English speaking Driver
  • All VAT and Italy Taxes
  • Highway Tolls
  • Parking Fees

not included

  • Admission Tickets to Pompeii
  • Meals
  • Gratuities
  • Licensed Tour Guide for Pompeii / Walking Tours
  • * Licensed Tour Guides for Pompeii can be reserved at additional Tour Guide Fees. See more info below


Buon giorno and welcome to Stefano Rome Tours. We are pleased to offer sightseeing transfers between Rome and Amalfi Coast  / Sorrento area.

Enhance your long distance transfer from Rome to Amalfi Coast  / Sorrento (or vice versa from Amalfi Coast / Sorrento to Rome) with a 2 hour exploration of Pompeii,  one of Italy’s most famous ancient archaeological sites and on most travelers’ “Must See” list.

Your English speaking Private Driver will pick you up at your hotel, and on your way to your final destination you will stop to visit Pompeii.


 ROME to, from AMALFI COAST / SORRENTO with Pompeii Visit  PRICE LIST

For up to 2 Persons from Hotel:  550 EUROS
For up to 4 Persons from Hotel:  600 EUROS
For up to 6 Persons from Hotel:  650 EUROS
For up to 8 Persons from Hotel:  700 EUROS


Dates on the Booking Form Calendar that are NOT Selectableare NOT AVAILABLE

** This service is possible starting from Rome and ending in Amalfi Coast or Sorrento, or starting from Amalfi Coast or Sorrento and ending in Rome.

* Include your complete DROP OFF ADDRESS in the Message Box of the booking form, or a preferred Pick Up time if different than the recommended time.

Rome to Amalfi Coast Sorrento Transfer with Pompeii Visit


One of  Italy’s most visited locations is the archaeological site of Pompeii, the once ancient prosperous Roman town that froze in time buried in volcanic mud when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD and entombed entire cities.

During your visit in Pompeii, you will have the unique opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the ancient locals who once lived and thrived in this ancient vibrant cosmopolitan city.


Transfer from Rome to Amalfi Coast Positano Sorrento with stop in Pompeii


Allow your imagination to wander to distant eras as you meander along distressed cobblestone streets, enter remarkably well preserved ruins of villas with vivid frescoes that belonged to the wealthy citizens, and stroll past apartment buildings, eateries, workshops, markets and more.


Sightseeing Transfer Rome to from Amalfi Coast Sorrento Positano with stop in Pompeii


To fully enhance your visit to Pompeii we recommend reserving a private walking tour with a local licensed Tour Guide whose expert knowledge and historical information will bring these ancient ruins to life, elevate your experience and understanding of this amazing city.  See  Pompeii Tour Guide info and prices below. 

This marks the conclusion of your Rome to Amalfi Coast / Sorrento sightseeing transfer with Pompeii visit. From here, your private driver will take you to your final destination on the coast of Amalfi or Sorrento.

Thank you for choosing Stefano Rome Tours for your private transfers through Italy, private driver service, and Italy limo tours. We look forward to welcoming you!

Important Information

Please READ the important information below as well as Read & Accept our  TERMS OF SERVICE  and Privacy Policy prior to placing your reservation request(s).

PAYMENT OPTIONS for Rome - Amalfi Coast with Pompeii visit:

Payment for Rome to or from Amalfi / Sorrento sightseeeing Transfer can be made in Euro funds at the end of your journey directly to your driver, or you may prepay in advance via PayPal or Credit Card online when you Confirm your Tour.


We kindly ask that cancellations be made at least 7 days in advance so we can rebook your service and your reserved driver does not lose work for that day. We thank you for your cooperation and consideration. 


Please allow up to 24 hours for email correspondences in reponse to email inquiries and tour reservation requests.

We reply to ALL emails and booking requests we receive. If you don't receive correspondence from us within 24-48 hours please CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER, or send us an email from a different E-mail account


* This Rome to or from Amalfi / Sorrento Sightseeing Transfer provides an English speaking Private Driver who is NOT a licensed tour guide.

Italy laws permit only licensed tour guides to accompany guests to sightsee on foot away from the vehicle. To be compliant with Italy laws, your driver cannot lawfully guide you into the sites, and will be obliged to remain with the vehicle while you SELF TOUR away from the vehicle.


Pompeii Tickets are currently 16 Euros per person to be purchased on site upon arrival

* Pompeii Ticket prices may change without notice after you book the tour.



If you wish to reserve a private licensed tour guide for a 2 HOUR guided tour of Pompeii, please let us know and we will be happy to provide a Price Quote for a private Pompeii Guided Tour with a professionally licensed tour guide for an informative experience.



For hotel pick ups, your driver will meet you inside your hotel lobby, or area permitted by your hotel.

For Apartments or B&B’s without a lobby, your driver will meet you at your address outside the main entrance.


* If your hotel / accommodation is situated on a street or in an area restricted to vehicle traffic, your driver will park the vehicle as close as lawfully possible. For Pick Up, your driver will meet you on foot at your address and accompany you to your parked vehicle. For Drop Off, your driver will assist you on foot from the parked vehicle to your hotel accommodation address. ***  Door to Door service may not be possible on streets or areas with restrictions to traffic or stops.


Please inform us in your reservation (message box) of the total luggage you anticipate bringing (large check-in suitcases and small carry-on cases) so we can provide you with a suitable vehicle to safely accommodate all passengers and their luggage.

If you are a party of 1-3 persons and your luggage exceeds the capacity of a sedan-type vehicle, an upgrade to a minivan at additional cost may be required.

Luggage capacity for a minivan is up to 6 suitcases and up to 6 carry-on cases in TOTAL.