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Bocelli Family Farmhouse Italian Tours


Stefano Rome Tours, in partnership with Turan Tour Operator, is a World Partner and tour operator for the Bocelli Family FarmHouse, the exquisite estate owned by the internationally celebrated Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli.

The Bocelli Family Farmhouse tours offer many exciting and exclusive opportunities to explore Italy’s world-renowned places, delight in its unparalleled art, impressive architecture, ancient monuments, fine wines, sumptuous local cuisine, awe-inspiring countryside landscapes, and of course the unforgettable music of Maestro Andrea Bocelli whose unrivaled voice has touched the souls of millions of people world wide.

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The Bocelli Family FarmHouse is located in the charming town of Lajatico, situated the heart of the majestic Val D’era region in Tuscany, embraced by the wondrous beauty dream vacations are made of. Here is the home of the magnificent family estate remarkably transformed by Andrea’s brother Albert and his lovely wife Cynthia.

In this quaint corner of Tuscany unspoiled by tourism and fresh country air, you will be surrounded by the splendor which inspires Bocelli.  Fragrant vineyards and silvery olive groves that grow on the family farm produces Tuscan fine wines and aromatic olive oil.

It’s no wonder Maestro Bocelli often comes here to spend a day out of the spotlight, enjoying horseback riding, and visiting with his family.




Bocelli Farmhouse Tours invites you to an exclusive once in a lifetime experience where you will create special life long memories.

Your dream vacation will include exiting day trips through central Italy’s breathtaking countryside to explore ancient places, fascinating cities rich in art and culture, and historic towns where time stands still transporting you through distant times that legends are made of.

Your palate will be delighted by the many culinary specialties that makes Italy’s cuisine one of the most sought after in the world.

From your arrival in Italy to your final departure, your personal English speaking driver will guide you to the many captivating locations and will be at your disposal to ensure your holiday will be perfect.

With a little luck, you may even have the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the famous tenor Andrea Bocelli at his family farmhouse and perhaps even share a nice glass of wine from the Bocelli family cellars.

There are eight different itineraries for you to chose from, please write us for more information





This exciting 14 day all inclusive grand tour of central Italy’s most fascinating places begins with your arrival in Rome.

After experiencing the elegance and wonders of the Eternal City, your journey continues through the verdant region of Umbria with visits to Orvieto, Perugia and Assisi. Tuscany will welcome you with day trip visits to its world-famous cities and historic towns that include Florence, San Gimignano, Siena, Lucca, Pisa, and of course, the charming town of Lajatico where you will  enjoy a splendid stay in your own private accommodation at the Bocelli family farmhouse.




A magical week in Italy begins as soon as you arrive in Rome from where your personal English speaking driver will whisk you off to the serene Umbrian town of Assisi. Your journey continues with a scenic drive though the Tuscan countryside to the charming town of Lajatico, the hometown of tenor Andrea Bocelli and the location of his family’s exquisitee farmhouse where you will enjoy an exclusive stay.

Day trips to Tuscany’s most captivating towns and journeys though breathtaking landscapes will create an unforgettable week filled with wonderful experiences that treasured memories are made of.




Experience the glory of Umbria and Tuscany with a 5 day all inclusive getaway for an unforgettable adventure that offers you ample opportunities to indulge in exceptional Art, authentic Cuisine, superb Wine, traditional Italian Culture, and awe-inspiring countryside vistas on your daytime excursions to world-renowned locations during your exclusive stay at the Bocelli Family Farmhouse.



Would you like to be a guest at the ANNUAL ONE NIGHT ONLY ANDREA BOCELLI CONCERT in Tuscany?

Offered only once a year, this incredible all inclusive 3 day tour offers those who love the music of Andrea Bocelli the exclusive opportunity to be a GUEST at the ANNUAL ONE NIGHT ONLY CONCERT held on the evening of July 20, 2014 at Andrea Bocelli’s TEATRO DEL SILENZIO (Theater of Silence) in beautiful Tuscany.

This exclusive summertime tour offers YOU the unique opportunity to to be a GUEST at Andrea Bocelli’s annual concert while enjoying Tuscany’s splendor with exciting day trips to world famous locations during your exclusive stay in your own private accommodation at the Bocelli Family Farmhouse.





Have you ever dreamed of recording your own original song?

How about recording your own original song in Andrea Bocelli’s own recording studio?

This unique 10 day all inclusive tour is specially designed to make dreams come true by offering YOU the exclusive opportunity to record your own tracks in Andrea Bocelli’s own state of the art Recording Studio!

While you transform your dream into beautiful music, your friends and family who join you on this tour will have many exciting opportunities to fulfill their own dreams of exploring Tuscany’s world famous places and hidden charms.

Before and after you record your masterpiece in the studio, you too will enjoy inspiring places of Italy that will continue to fuel your creativity.

Turn your dreams into reality in Tuscany on this exciting 10 day all inclusive Dream Tour of musical and artistic explorations.








Enhance your next Mediterranean cruise holiday with this spectacular 4 day all inclusive Pre Cruise or Post Cruise tour with arrival and departure possible from the ports of Livorno (Tuscany) or Civitavecchia (Rome).

Whether you select to arrive a few days before your cruise, or you prefer to extend your holiday post-cruise, you will have the exciting opportunity to enjoy some of the most captivating and awe-inspiring places in Tuscany that are very dear to Andrea Bocelli during your exclusive stay in your own private accommodation at the Bocelli Family Farmhouse. While here, you will have the opportunity enjoy the exquisite family estate as well as delightful day trips through Tuscany.




Enjoy the enchanting Tuscan countryside and step into the world of Andrea Bocelli on your next Shore Excursion from La Spezia cruise port.

Your unforgettable day will begin with stops to two of Tuscany’s most fascinating destinations to explore the architecturally stunning town of Volterra and admire the iconic leaning tower in Pisa.

Your journey will continue with an exclusive visit to the Bocelli Family Farmhouse where you will have the opportunity to sample the famous Bocelli wines and fragrant olive oil produced from the abundant vineyards and olive groves on the estate.




This exclusive Shore Excursion from Port of Livorno will take you through the picturesque countryside of Tuscany to experience the significant charm and beauty of Volterra and Pisa, two of Italy’s world-renown towns.

A special visit to the splendid Bocelli Family Farmhouse will surely be the highlight of your day as you explore the family vineyards and olive groves that grow on the estate producing some of Tuscay’s finest wines and aromatic olive oil which you will have the opportunity to sample at the Bocelli family canteen.








Explore the breathtaking beauty and charm of Tuscany and experience the world of Andrea Bocelli with a visit to his charming hometown Lajatico where Maestro Bocelli performs his famous annual concert as his Teatro del Silenzio.

A visit to the Bocelli Family Farmhouse presents the exclusive opportunity to tour the family vineyards and canteens where you will sample the finest Tuscan wines produced on the Bocelli estate.

A culinary delight awaits with a sumptuous traditional Tuscan lunch at one of the region’s top restaurants, La Vallata.

Your countryside escape would not be complete without a visit to San Gimignano, the captivating medieval town recognized around the world for its remarkable skyline composed of ancient towers.

Specially created for wine lovers, this exciting 5 hour tour offers you exclusive opportunity to explore the Bocelli family farm’s impressive vineyards and wine canteens on a private guided tour. Toast your day with a glass of fine vino as you sample the variety of outstanding wines and fragrant olive oil produced by the Bocelli estate.

A visit to Andrea Bocelli’s spectacular Teatro del Silenzio where Maestro Bocelli performs his famous annual concert in his hometown of Lajatico will complete your tour.