Christian Rome – Day tour in Rome

A visit to Rome would not be complete without a tour of some of the city’s best known Christian monuments and landmarks, which include the Basilica of St. Paul Outside-the-Wall and of course the Vatican, home to St. Peter’s Basilica.




Our Christian Rome Tour available as a day tour from Rome or a shore excursion from Civitavecchia, will introduce you to the main points of interest that made Rome the centre of Christianity, and you will have the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Saints, Popes, and ancient Romans who have contributed to what Rome is today.

Due to magnificent architecture, world famous paintings and sculptures, as well as remarkable frescoes, as all of these spiritually significant sites have a very important and interesting history and are part of Italy’s cultural heritage.



We start at the Circus Maximus, the enormous ancient Roman stadium at the foot of Palatine Hill where the chariot races took place (think Ben Hur).


From here, we continue to one of the four great basilicas of Rome, St. Paul Outside-the-Wall, which was built by Emperor Constantine and said to be located above the burial ground of Saint Paul.



Continuing along the Appian Way, the 2000-year old road that leads to Apulia and Brindisi and where Spartacus and his army were crucified, we will make our way to the ancient catacombs. It is here where the early Christians would bury their dead or hold church services out of sight from the public, due to a fear of persecution.

Before stopping off for some lunch we will continue the tour to Piazza Venezia and the Vittorio Emanuele Monument, which was dedicated to the first king of Italy.

After enjoying a delicious traditional Roman lunch it is now time to head towards the Vatican, noted as one of the world’s smallest states and more importantly home to the Pope and the Catholic Church.

You will be given the chance to visit St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel with its amazing ceiling painted by Michelangelo. After viewing the masterpieces found in the Vatican, the tour will take us to the Pantheon, once the temple to all Roman gods, it remains one of the best preserved Roman buildings.

Just around the corner from here is our penultimate destination, the city’s largest Baroque fountain, the instantly recognisable Trevi Fountain, where visitors throw in a coin to be assured of a return visit to Rome.

Our tour finally ends at the Spanish Steps, where you can take a rest and enjoy a tasty Italian gelato before we set off back home.

Please don’t forget: To enter any of the churches in Rome, you will have to have your shoulders and knees covered, otherwise you will be refused entry!

Tour Highlights
Circus Maximus :: St. Paul Outside the Wall Church :: Appian Way :: Catacombs :: Vittorio Emanuele Monument :: Vatican Museum :: Sistine Chapel :: St. Peter’s Basilica
Pick up time: approximately 9.00am
Return time: approximately 5.00pm
Full tour details can be found here:    

We look forward to seeing you in Rome!

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