Ostia Antica: The perfect short tour outside Rome

If you are looking for a reasonably short tour, and one that takes you outside of Rome for a few hours, then our Ostia Antica Tour would be the perfect choice for you.

We pick you up at 9.00 AM from your hotel, show you the sites of the ancient town of Ostia Antica, and then return you back to your hotel at about 1.00 PM, giving you enough time for a siesta and to discover a little more of Rome!

However, if you prefer, you can also stay longer in the town for a small extra fee …

Ostia Antica is a fascinating town that has a wealth of Roman ruins and beautiful, well-kept frescoes. Amazingly, the town was the seaport of Rome during the Roman times, and just like Pisa, it was once located directly on the coast! Over the years, the drop in sea water level and the additional silting from the River Tiber means that the town in now situated about 2 miles inland from the Mediterranean coast.

Some of the oldest visible buildings date way back to the 3rd century BC. But the city did not peek in size until between the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD, when its population reached 75,000 inhabitants, the size of a large town today. The Roman ruins in the town are perhaps second to none, apart from Rome itself of course. Some of the highlights include 2nd century mosaics, insulae (Roman apartment blocks), early graffiti, the theatre building, and the ancient warehouses along the old Tiber banks.

Please note: The ruins are closed on Mondays and also there are no restaurants on-site, so we recommend that you bring your own little picnic and cold drinks. The entrance fee, which is currently 6.50 Euros, is not included in the tour and should be paid on arrival.

We look forward to seeing you in Rome! Thank you for visiting our blog.

with love,

the Stefano Rome Tours team

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