VACANZE ROMANE (Roman Holiday) 
VACANZE ROMANE  (Roman Holiday)
Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck have continuously graced Italian merchandise with photographs from scenes from their classic film Vacanze Romane, adding a romantic charm to the Eternal City. From the gelato on the Spanish Steps scene, to the scooter ride through Rome, they have taken the viewers through a virtual tour of Rome and its magnificence (and what it used to be like before it became a top travel destination for visitors!).
And with Stefano Rome Tours you can see and experience the splendor of Rome on your own Roman Holiday tour and shore excursion!
Vacanze Romane (Roman Holiday)

Vacanze Romane (Roman Holiday) the scooter ride through Rome

Although the fashion trends have changed since the days of Princess Anne and Joe Bradley, and the sites and monuments are no longer deprived of tourists, one thing continues to stay the same: the stage sets are still the way they were as in the film because they were filmed on the actual sites! The Colosseum is still the same as it used to be, the Spanish Steps haven’t changed either, visitors still place their hands inside the Mouth of Truth, and scooters still continue to zoom around the city’s narrow lanes and traffic congested roads.
Want to see the famous address Via Margutta, 51 that was the address of Joe Bradley’s bachelor pad? It still exists in one of Rome’s most charming neighborhoods and we will show it to you!
Would you like to know what famous Palace played the role of the Embassy of the country of Princess Anne? We’ll take you there AND you will have the opportunity to stand in the spot where Joe Bradley watched Princess Anne disappear around the corner when they said their last goodbyes.
You can’t say the same about many movies filmed that were filmed 60 years ago where the architectural landscape of many cities has since been greatly transformed.
Vacanze Romane (Roman Holiday)

Vacanze Romane (Roman Holiday)

In this Stefano Rome Tours’ exclusive Day Tour and Shore Excursion, you will have the opportunity to star in your own “Vacanze Romane” on your Roman Holiday. You don’t have to be Princess Anne to enjoy a gelato on the Spanish Steps, or Joe Bradley to accompany your significant other on a visit inside the Colosseum or give the legendary Mouth of Truth a try. This tour follows the sites, palacesmonuments and piazzas made famous in the film, that also happen to be among the most exciting places to visit in Rome!

Whether you’re a classic movie buff, or just prefer the lighter side of Rome without visiting churches or museums, this private tour and shore excursion offers you the opportunity to enjoy the best Rome has to offer and have an exceptional Roman Holiday.

You can find out more about our exclusive Vacanze Romane Day Tour and Shore Excursion, including a list of the places in Rome that were featured in the film on our official website: www.StefanoRomeTours.com

Next time you’re in Rome don’t just visit it, we invite you to have a great Roman Holiday!

Please visit our Flickr Photo Gallery and see our photographs taken from at the sites made famous in the movie.

Thank your for stopping by and reading our blog. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon in Italy!


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