Travel Tips for Civitavecchia 
Travel Tips for Civitavecchia
We conduct many Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia, but sometimes cruisers spend some pre-cruise or post-cruise time in Civitavecchia.
Whether you find yourself in this quaint seaside town for a few hours before your ship sails, or arrive the day before to rest up after a long transcontinental flight to Italy, here are some travel tips for some useful places in Civitavecchia.
Civitavecchia may not be a top tourist destination, but it has some great things to see and do, as well as excellent restaurants, shops, and everything you need during your stay here or before sailing on your cruise.
For a list of Places to See and Things to Do in Civitavecchia, including the Fortress of Michelangelo, the promenadechurchesmuseums and more, please click HERE.


Comfort Food:

Subway in Civitavecchia

Subway (with free wifi)
On via Zara #8, just a block from the main viale Garibaldi is a large modern Subway restaurant if you’re in the mood for a sub instead of a “panino”. It has tables outdoors and free wi-fi for your laptop so you can connect online.
Mc Donald’s
If you’re hankering for a burger and fries, there is a Mc Donald’s on the corner of viale Garibaldo and Largo Plebiscito. You can’t miss it, it’s just after you leave the Fortress of Michelangelo area.

Tip: Take the stairs next to the McDonald’s for a great view of Forte Michelangelo and the harbor. Keep walking along, and you will find yourself along the walkway on the walls of what used to be a defense wall.


Sora Maria Restaurant in Civitavecchia
La “Sora Maria” Al Ghetto trattoria

Via Zara, 14

Family owned trattoria since 1885. The seafood is among the freshest and most excellent in the area.  It has both indoor and outdoor seating. Upon seating down you’ll find a fresh basket of breads and bruschette on the table, and each guest is served a flute of Prosseco on the house. Such service you don’t find in many restaurants! Your after-meal coffee comes with a small plate of various biscuits. The service and the food can’t be beat and we highly recommend it (afterall, we go there ourselves each chance we get!)



Cioccolart in Civitavecchia

Corso Marconi Guglielmo, 49

Chocolate and art have never tasted or looked more decadent than at Cioccolart. Whether a “sweet heart” for your sweetheart, or “edible tools” for the weekend warrior on a holiday, you will be in chocolate and dessert heaven when you step inside this small family owned chocolateria and cafe. Aside from the many handmade high-end artisan chocolate masterpieces, you will find a delicious variety of cakes, pastries, muffins, and great coffee to go with everything! All their products are handmade fresh on premise. We can’t think of more beautiful desserts to enjoy, and thoughtful gifts for loved ones than these edible pieces of chocolate art from Cioccolart.

Danilo Cafe in Civitavecchia
Pasticceria Bar Danilo

Corso Marconi Guglielmo, 40

You’ll find many locals gathering here for their espresso and cappuccino fixes, as well as satisfying their sweet tooth with the various pastries and biscuits. It’s off the beaten tourist path so you can mingle with the locals. Outdoor tables available.

Civitavecchia Shopping

There is plenty of opportunity for shopping in Civitavecchia. Whether something stylish for the cruise, swimwear for the beach, shoes, handbags, jewelry, accessories or something comfortable in which to lounge around, there are many shops and boutiques for different needs, tastes, styles and budgets. Many shops line the gallery along Corso Marconi Guglielmo, just after you pass the cathedral of St Francis and near the cafes we recommended.

Civitavecchia Financial Centers

Eurolink Finanza & Servizi
via Dalmazia 3

Near the corner of Largo Plebiscito and via Dalmazia near the main road Via Garibaldi, you’ll find Eurolink financial service center where you can exchange currency or send money via Western Union or MoneyGram. It is also a phone center and internet point, and it sells international phone cards. We found it also to be open on Sundays.

Civitavecchia Banking

ATM machines are also available in Civitavecchia if you need to withdraw funds.


Pharmacies (farmacia) are also available, just look for the signs with a green cross lit up.

For more information on Port Transfers to Civitavecchia please visit www.RomeCabs.com. For more information on Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia please visit us at www.StefanoRomeTours.com

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